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The Iconic Stokksnes / Vestrahorn Mountain

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Stokksnes / Vestrahorn mountain in Iceland
The Iconic Stokksnes / Vestrahorn Mountain

I was lucky enough to capture this iconic mountain on a cold, wintery, January afternoon. I had previously visited Iceland with my Dad a few months prior, but unfortunately, we were not able to see Vestrahorn due to cloudy weather. Today was a different story. Waking up at my hotel, I was thrilled to see that the skies were bright blue and the clouds were beautifully scattered across the horizon. I could barely contain my excitement on the hour drive there.

Vestrahorn is a very famous location for photographers because the ideas for compositions are endless. Usually the ocean tide creates a reflection on the mountain, but on this day, most of the beach had been frozen over. Slippery would be a complete understatement, and I could almost hear the cartoon music playing as I tried to walk around. After taking a few different compositions, I noticed a set of logs in the distance, that I knew would make for some unique photos. It definitely took awhile, but I finally managed to get there.

For this specific picture, I used a Nikon 14-30mm f4 lens on my Nikon Z6 camera. I set the tripod very low because the logs were providing quite an interesting perspective. I did try multiple angles, but this one seemed to work out the best. Vestrahorn is undoubtedly my favorite photography location in Iceland and I did promise my Dad that I would take him back there, so he could experience the true majesty of this epic mountain.

Here are a few of my favorite shots that I have taken of this awesome mountain!

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